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Friday, February 3, 2012

Leftover Go Cart

During the summer of 2011 my DH wanted to make a go cart for "the kids".  He said that he had always wanted one as a child and had tried to build one back then but it didn't work.  Now that he is all grown up he can pretty much build whatever comes to mind.  I was not quite prepared for what was to come.   He found an old scooter at a yard sale for $25 and said he could make it work.  I forked over the money, thinking that it would sit in the garage and not go anywhere.  I mean we didn't even know if the motor on the scooter worked.  Lo and behold the scooter fired right up  He then proceeded to find pieces for the go cart from our PILE and didn't even have to buy tires because he had bought then earlier in the year when they were on sale from Harbor Freight.

Thus it became the Leftover Go Cart.  All the pieces were from some other project that had once been and the motor itself was from a leftover scooter that didn't work right.A week later I am left with a 4 year old begging to ride the go cart, which I don't know how to start (something about hooking wires together) .

Anyway  my sister-in law came and this is a video she took while at her house.    I was able to get a photo of her on the go cart (sorry Cara but at least it's not on facebook)  Any one who rides this go cart gets one crazy ride.

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