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Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas 2011
 Winnie the Pooh books from DI for $1 a piece, I was happy with the price and the kids love them!
Leap frog reader for Chet.

 Opening presents from their Grandma Jensen.

 All 3 kids are super excited about getting cookie mix.  They can't wait to make them.
 Kailey's first Barbie, it was Cinderella.

 More presents from Grandma Jensen.

 They all got a spinbrush tooth brush in their stocking.  They loved them but man those batteries don't last.
 The twins first snowman, they've seen others built but this was the first they got to help with.  The snowman was actually built in Jan of 2012 since Christmas was not WHITE!
 We started the snowman just before dark and luckily their daddy got home just in time to help build one level of the snowman and help lift the middle and the top.  Sadly it's only the middle of February and it is already melted.  Oh well maybe that means spring is just around the corner, one can hope right.

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