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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vacation 2012

 The animals they make for you on a cruise are quite fun.

In Ensenada Mexico we were able to go to La Bufadora (the blow hole).  The water here hits the cliffs just right and shoots up into the sky.  It was fun to see but once you saw it a few times, well you had seen it. 
 Afterwords we hit the flea market there, it was better than the shopping in town.

 The doggy they made for us.  When we cam in the dog was staring us down.  Our attendant had taken the time to find Rhett's sunglasses and put them on it to.  He later asked us if we had fed it.  Poor doggy later got decapitated when Rhett took the glasses off, how were we to know it was more than one towel.

 The Carnival Inspiration was huge.  It was like sailing on a ship made of a hotel, casino, and restaurant all in one because, well, it is.

 Rhett is quite the ice cream cone maker.  He told the kid watching him make the above cone to "top this kid".  What he should have told the kid is beware of large cones they tend to fall on your shirt.
 On the last night he was determined to eat ice cream cones until the sun went down, he did too.  You can even see the spot on his shirt right there in the middle where he caught the big cone.

 Our last animal was a Sea Lion, of course wearing the sunglasses again.

What trip wouldn't be complete with a stay in Las Vegas.  We go there every year for the World of Concrete Convention.  This year my mom and dad happened to be there for another convention at the same time.  My sister from California came to join the party and since another sister had come with us it was one big family shindig. 

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